Buzzfeed Makes Me Contemplate My Life (I Then Have an Existential Crisis at the 21st Centuriness of it All)

I discovered yesterday a Buzzfeed page called “The 45 Most Powerful Photos of 2013.” Of course, there are lists like this all over the internet (I know because I looked a bunch of them up after, to pretend that I was cultured and didn’t just have a moment over Buzzfeed), but, at any rate, I was binging on Buzzfeed because it’s finals season everywhere else and I had stress-procrastination FOMO, and that’s where I found this. It was one of the six hundred tabs I had open, right next to “These Are the Movie Quotes Everyone Gets Wrong,” so I wasn’t prepared to contemplate life. But, the link is here, and if some of these photos don’t make you think or cry or at least feel something deeper than minor irritation that your eyeballs and cerebrum are being subjected to another Katy Perry headline, I’d be surprised. Look, see, congratulate Buzzfeed on one page marginally more moving than “10 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today.”



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