A Large ‘Suck It’ to Everyone Who Questioned My Use of the Word ‘Qi’ in Bananagrams

I received a book for my birthday called, Is That a Word? by David Bukszpan. Probably due to the fact that his last name is the stuff of a Scrabble aficionado’s wet dream, the book is essentially a long list of delightfully obscure and weirdly-spelled words.

Now, it may be of note that my birthday was not Christmas. My birthday was almost a month before. No, I did not receive the book for Christmas. I got it for my birthday. I waited a month to start it. That’s the kind of person I am.

Odds that I haven’t started a food item I got two days ago: 0. Odds that I haven’t started a book I got two years ago: 1o309 to 1.

I love books. I adore reading. This book is perfect for me because I also love word games, and most of all I love winning, but I somehow didn’t get to it until yesterday. I suck. I know.

Tangent over. I started this book. And literally within the first chapter I found the word “qi.” Not only was the word featured in the book, but it was on the list called “The Ten Most Important Two-Letter Words” with the subtitle, “Do not turn the page until you learn this list.” Actually, it said, “do not turn the page until your learn this list,” but I’m editorializing to give old Bukszpanchqwx the benefit of the doubt.

Now, I’ll have it noted that TWICE NOW my family has objected to my use of the word ‘qi’ in games of bananagrams (Scrabble for those with goldfish-sized attention spans, like me). Both times, I’ve given the definition and insisted that it was a word, but they didn’t believe me. Finally, I have my revenge.


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