A Bit (Bite?) About Me

I (Stacy Claudius Ambrosia Theodore Roosevelt, a girl of 19) come from a land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow. Not the Led Zeppelin song, not even Iceland, but good old sunny Sanford, Maine. Sanford has a population of 9,761 people, about 9,000 of whom are complete and total cotton-headed ninnymugginses. It cheers me to learn that Sanford has experienced a 3.7% decrease in population since 2000, and I can only hope to continue that noble trend. I’ve also discovered in my research the population of Sanford is 52.5% female. I cite this as the primary source of my love struggles, though the Eyebrow Incident of 2009 realistically did little for my prospects.

In 2012 I joined the elite hamster army that is the Dartmouth College class of 2016, and I’ve been loath to leave the Big Green ever since. Although there was that one professor who knew about as much about Indian philosophy as I did and people often take the last of the barbecue chicken wings at the dining hall before I can get my grubby mitts on them, I forgive Dear Old Darty for its flaws and generally give it a big sloppy hug whenever I get back to campus.

As for me, and as for right now, I’m not on campus, but rather rattling about a snow-carpeted Southern Maine and preparing for a great trip into the unknown land that is Italia. I’ll be studying abroad for the Winter, you see, with the Rome LSA+ program, and I’m simultaneously thrilled and slightly palpitatious with unease. I speak (haha) Italian (as much as one can claim to speak Italian after three terms of it at a world-renowned college), so that’s not necessarily the problem. It’s more that even my recent trip to Connecticut managed to necessitate one jump from a moving train, I somehow managed to get lost once on the staircase between floors three and one of the Dartmouth library, and I got a letter from my geriatric Italian host mother the other day that’s in cursive and I cannot read. These things instill in me concern.

As for this blog, I cannot tell you what it will be about, as I do not know. The actual goal of creating this blog, in fact, was simply to familiarize myself with WordPress, because I was searching for editorial and publishing internships, and many of the applications listed proficiency with the program as a plus. But, you never know, maybe something beautiful will come of it. If nothing else, I feel more worldly already.

Until later,

Stacy Bucephalas Argentina Ray Charles


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